Spahan was an ancient city, famed throughout the cradle of civilisation for its beautiful architecture.

Using our many years of experience of working with fine woods and veneers, we bring you our handmade furniture, delivering traditional quality blended with modern design and purpose.
Custom furniture and cabinets
Complete fitted kitchen
every single piece is crafted to be simple, elegant and functional.
Our philosophy is based on a conceptual approach inspired by vision and design

highend joinery, fitted and freestanding furnitures such as kitchen, wardrobes, dining table , bookcase, alcoves, etc

For more than 20 years, Spahanwood Group has earned one of the finest reputations across the globe for Interior designe service that achieve our client’s vision

We always deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for our clients

We work collaboratively to create value through built and natural assets that work in harmony with their surroundings – from shopping centers in Shanghai to reduced air pollution in New York City. Improving quality of life.

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